Have you thought of driving a car with no fuel gauge? Not to mention pardakompuutrist, which shows the current and average fuel consumption. Presumably this is the car you drive quite uncomfortable, because the fuel tank could lead rider for the unexpected.

However, electricity is completely normal that the electricity consumption in the past month we received a bill retroactively information. Fortunately it does not happen that electricity would be gone, and that we need a new amount for you to take. However, it is again impossible to retroactively do anything to make our electricity costs remain within the limits planned.

If we have an overview of how much we spend, and by the use of electrical energy and electrical energy, and money that we can associate their consumption behavior, we have made a very big step in the direction of saving. Various studies have shown that, thanks to the monitoring of the electricity consumption of electric power consumption, and thereby the conscious of the cost can be saved up to 20%!

To this end, we have created energiamonitoorimise system whereby customers can also monitor real-time consumption of electrical energy, to make consumption decisions based on present prices, to analyze past consumption and costs and thus find ways to save electricity and money.