The optimal solution to the electricity supply of the company’s electricity costs were crucial. In case of insufficient power supply necessary, it is not possible to operate the company, while the redundant power supply is spending again, the company’s resources.

Cost-optimal power through the network connection is sufficient capacity in the most appropriate voltage level. However, all the necessary power to ensure, if necessary through the grid can be very expensive or even impossible. In this case, it is important to consider the establishment of the company’s electricity needs in electricity generation costs. Most find their use for the production of electricity in solar power plants as well as electricity and heat from efficient cogeneration mode, producing power.

Here it is always important that the best solution may not be secured through a local optimum for, but the optimal result is achieved through a comprehensive solution.

We provide our customers with a network connection with the construction of “turnkey” solutions, assuming all parts of the process, from the receipt of a connecting network operator to issue a certificate of conformity. If the customer does not want “turnkey” solution, we are ready to coordinate the process of the project-leadership. Among other things, we provide the following services:

  • Electricity producers and consumers connected to the mains and the representation of the client at the network operator;
  • Transfer of connection medium voltage;
  • Electricity Projects;
  • Solar power projects;
  • Power for the necessary operating permit application.