A resource audit is designed to provide an industrial undertaking a comprehensive action plan to reduce the cost per unit of the product, or to achieve the most cost-effective manner.

The audit will take into account the resource efficiency of resource mapping results has the most potent part of the resources of the different cost locations. In collaboration with specialists carried out a thorough technical-economic analyzes of the rich variety measures. A resource audit, the main task is to look at all the resources and the interaction of these combinations to find the most economically viable solution to reduce production costs.

In cooperation with the managers of the company and, if necessary, by involving outside experts find the ideal complete solution for reducing the total cost. The work concerns and takes account of their interaction with a minimum of the following areas:

  • The production of energy needed;
  • Raw materials and instruction;
  • Production technology;
  • Use of human resources;
  • Devices and equipment with the best available technology;
  • Automation of production lines and / or the performance thereof;
  • Waste management and possible recycling;
  • And others used in the production ressources;

Given the use of resources and the proportion of total costs, the analysis of the level of detail may vary by type of resource, but the best outcome, please be sure to look at the whole of the industrial complex as a whole.

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