Electricity prices in the market is in constant change – both in terms of the power exchange Nord Pool day-ahead market as well as financial transactions, stock exchange Nasdaq OMX Commodities Future electricity. Over the next contract period, price formation is crucial that the nature of the market situation at the conclusion of the contract – both electricity consumers and producers.

A power exchange Nord Pool Estonian price region ranged from 2016 hours of electricity prices in € 4.69 / MWh’st to € 200.06 / MWh’ni. Of the average daily price dynamics was less – € 13.86 / € 91.33 MWh’st up / MWh’ni.

If the company’s working capital, the cost and price dynamics in budgetary terms, Nord Pool is suitable, it will give the best results in the long term electricity purchase and sale of the stock exchange price.

If the day-ahead market hourly price volatility in the financial plan of the company is not eligible, it is necessary to think about price fixing. Fixed prices are directly dependent on the market participants’ future expectations, as expressed in the most transparent futures traded on the Nasdaq OMX stock exchange 2017.a. quotations.

Also, prices for future transactions (2017.a. Finnish product) we see a large variability. It is very important to schedule a fixed price of the transaction at the right point in time – it is often difficult or impossible due to time pressure for the right moment to capture.

For customers who are essential to a stable and balanced electricity price, we offer a balance sheet and portfolio management service – a service that allows the customer to us with the help decide when and where a large part of the electricity quantity of electricity price is fixed, with the price fixing of decisions are spaced in time over a longer period, trying to to capture the optimum price levels.

If the customer has not made hinnafikseerimise transactions, the supply is guaranteed by the power exchange Nord Pool price.

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