According to the Electricity Market Act §58the transmission system operator (TSO) Elering AS issues to the producer, upon application, a Certificate of Origin for electricity produced from a renewable energy source or in efficient cogeneration process.

The standard unit of energy of Certificate of Origin is 1 megawatt-hour. For each 1 MWh produced electricity one Certificate of Origin is issued. One certificate is valid for 12 months after its publication.

The conditions and procedure for issuing guarantees of origin and information regarding the issued guarantees of origin are published on TSO’s website.

The 100% renewable energy purchased and sold under the Green Choice brand is guaranteed and regulated by law and is totally transparent, precisely calculated and based on Certificate of Origin system.

If you make a Green Choice you can be sure that purchased electricity is produced by a concrete renewable energy producer and the consumed electricity amount cannot be used by anyone else.

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