Green Choice is a brand that guarantees you that electricity you purchase is produced from 100% renewable energy sources – wind, hydro, biogas and biomass. You can also be sure that all electricity producers are located in Estonia.

If you are environmentally conscious and you wish to share your beliefs with others, you can buy Green Choice electricity and receive a Green Choice certificate, which can be presented on your home or office wall. In addition to the certificate you will also receive the right to use the Green Choice sign – a butterfly, fragile creature, whose power alone is weak, but whose millions combined flapping wings can cause significant changes even on the other side of the Earth.

Thus, even a small contribution to change something can be enough to lead to major changes. Both give character to the use of your loved ones, your company’s employees, partners or customers, and convey the message of responsible green future support of thinking.

The certificate is guaranteed by a pan-European and transparent system of certificates of origin. Renewable Energy certificate sold under the Electricity Act provides §58¹alusel Nordic Power Management OÜ.

With its environmentally friendly decision you can make green choices