Nordic Power Management companies selling electricity to large customers and offers consumers a portfolio and balance sheet management. Estonia also buy electricity produced by the producers of electricity. Small business and residential customers in the electricity sold, we cooperate with Eesti Gaas. Also, consulting commercial users connected to the grid and consumption optimization issues, which are often large differences of potential and unexplored area among consumers.

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Electricity market regulation

Since the beginning of 2013 there is no network operator has an obligation to sell electricity at regulated prices, which have all of Estonia’s electricity consumers the right to choose for themselves the most appropriate power to the vendor. The Estonian electricity market is 100% open.

It is important to note that electricity in transport and the quality of your network is responsible for the region’s power grid operator. Network operators are in 2016 December 34. Thus, the electricity supplier switching voltage problems will not disappear or decrease (change) the risk of blackouts. Electricity producers and sellers is the role of the stock exchange and the purchase of the electricity consumed in accordance with the conditions agreed upon sale of electricity.

Estonia eletritarbijal to choose their electricity seller. If the consumer fails to electricity vendor selected, then sells the electricity to an area running as a network operator, and the price of the previous month’s average exchange price (less than 63A main fuse), or the balance of energy prices (over 63A main fuse necessary) to which is added the network operator profit.

The price of electricity on average accounts for a third of the electricity bill, the remaining components of the network service and state taxes. Network service price regulation, the Competition Authority under the control of the open market, because the network operator customers (usually?) Can not be selected.

The decision to switch between electricity seller shall be made in accordance with current regulations, at least 21 days before the start of the new electricity purchase electricity from the seller and the seller of the exchange can take place only in the turn of the calendar.

It is very important to orientate in a free market situation, to understand its risks and see opportunities.